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Boogiz is your playground, to dance, explore and express yourself. We want you to feel safe and share how you dance. Therefore we only allow positive feedback.

Boogiz offers
more than 300 moves
and dance routines.

The Boogiz dance avatar allows you to rotate each move 360 degrees and choose your own dance speed.

Choose between 3 dance levels and get advice from professional dancers when you want to learn the move

Meet the Boogiz dancers

Boogiz dancers are excited to give you this dance opportunity and look forward to seeing your personal style and dance videos.

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Do you master super dope moves and want to be a Boogiz dance creator? In Boogiz we want to keep it real and share original dance content with the world. Get in touch:

Boogiz invites you to join challenges and for those who want its not just a challenge, join auditions, become a boogiz content creator, share your video and join the competition of being the most viewed video world wide every 60 minutes.